Best Blinds and Window Treatments for Room Darkening

When choosing new blinds or window treatments for a home, it’s important to think about what qualities are most important to each homeowner. Some people might prefer to choose something that gives optimal insulation for improved energy efficiency. Others might be more interested in aesthetics. 

Still, some people are most interested in the primary purpose of blinds and window treatments—the ability to control light. While natural light is often an appealing part of any home, there are times when it might be useful to darken or completely block out any light. 

Homeowners who wish to darken their rooms with window treatments or blinds should keep reading this guide to learn more about different products and features to look for while shopping.

Reasons to Darken a Room with Blinds and Window Treatments 

There are many reasons that homeowners might want to invest in blinds or window treatments that darken a room. The following are just a few of the most popular benefits people notice with their new window coverings:

  • Improved Sleep: People who struggle to sleep or work nightshift can benefit greatly from a dark room. The right blinds can block out sunlight or streetlights in the neighborhood.
  • Reduced Glare: Whether you have a dedicated theater room or just want to enjoy your TV without a glare, room-darkening blinds can make a huge difference!
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Blackout and room darkening blinds can reduce thermal loss and increase a home’s energy efficiency.

Light Blocking Features to Look For

Though some products might be clearly labeled as blackout window treatments, there are other products that might help darken a room. Homeowners need to know what features to look for to choose the right product for their home.

One of the biggest things that customers should look for is the type of materials. Anything that is sheer or light filtering will still let in a significant amount of light. Instead, they should choose materials that are opaque or semi-opaque.

Homeowners should also pay attention to the fit. If the product doesn’t completely cover the window opening, it won’t be effective in blocking light—even if it is made with completely opaque materials.

The Difference Between Room Darkening and Blackout

Some customers mistakenly use room darkening and blackout interchangeably, but the two phrases have different meanings. Blackout window treatments are designed for complete darkness. Room darkening window treatments allow minimal sunlight into the house, but it won’t block it all.

Best Blinds and Window Treatment Styles to Darken Rooms

Homeowners who are interested in blocking light or darkening rooms have many different options from which they can choose. The following are just a few of the most popular window treatment options available.

Blackout Roller Shades

It is easy to find roller shades that come in completely opaque materials. These products give homeowners great control over the amount of light in the house because they can be closed completely or partially. Therefore, they can offer both blackout and room-darkening benefits. 

Blackout Cellular Shades

For customers who wish to get the most energy efficiency from their window treatments, cellular shades are often the better option. The unique honeycomb design is very effective at reducing thermal loss. Therefore, homeowners can expect to pay significantly less on their heating and cooling bills. 

It’s important to choose the right materials, however. Many cellular shades offer light-filtering features, so customers should take special care to choose a room-darkening material. 

Blackout Curtains

Homeowners also have the option of choosing curtains made with blackout materials. This can be a very stylish option because the products tend to have more fabric customization options. They can work with a designer to choose the right color and pattern for their home, or they can choose from a vast selection of pre-fabricated curtains.

Opaque Materials

Finally, homeowners can choose to darken their homes with any window treatments that have opaque or semi-opaque qualities. They don’t have to choose blackout products unless they want to have total darkness. Oftentimes, opaque materials with the right fit will provide enough darkness for most people.

Find out More About How to Choose Blinds and Window Treatments to Darken a Room

It can be challenging to sort through all of the different options for custom blinds and window treatments, but luckily, homeowners don’t have to navigate the design process alone. BlindQuest is here to help customers find the perfect products for their goals.

Customers can call to schedule an in-person design consultation or to request a time to visit the showroom. BlindQuest also has a convenient online form that customers can use to get in contact with their professionals.

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