Child Safety and Custom Blinds: Tips and Strategies for a Kid-Friendly Home

When a person becomes a parent, they immediately have more worries than before. There are so many things that can be potentially harmful to babies and small children, so it’s crucial that homeowners take the time to child-proof their household. 

For most people, this includes baby gates and cabinet locks, but there are more risks than just stairs and doors. The window treatments in a home can actually pose a significant risk of injury or death as well. Specifically, the risk lies within the cords used to open and close the blinds.

The hanging cords often create a temptation to little hands, and when a child plays with the strings, they could find themselves getting caught in them. In the worst cases, children have been strangled by the cords, and this is a parent’s absolute nightmare. 

Homeowners don’t have to ditch their blinds the moment they have children, though. There are many tips and strategies so that they can enjoy the benefits of window treatments without the worry. Keep reading to learn more about child safety and custom blinds.

Tips for Keeping Children Safe Around Window Blind Cords

For homeowners who can’t immediately replace their blinds, there are a number of options to improve the window treatment’s safety. The first thing that homeowners should do is make sure that the cords are both out of sight and out of reach. If they can’t be seen, there’s less temptation for little fingers to grab onto them, but it’s best that they be beyond a young child’s grasp.  

Homeowners may also want to consider trimming cords if they are exceptionally long. Oftentimes, prefabricated blinds don’t fit perfectly, so the cords will be excessive. They can be trimmed down without ruining their functionality.

Finally, it’s recommended that homeowners ensure the window treatments are installed correctly. If it was a DIY project, the cord stops might not be adjusted properly. This means that the cords will move around a lot more, which will make them more tempting for small children. 

How to Ditch Cords with Custom Blinds

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Invest in Interior Wood Shutters

One of the best ways to eliminate the fear of injury or death caused by blind cords is to eliminate them completely. Homeowners with small children should strongly consider ditching their old cord blinds for interior wood shutters. Not only is this style of window treatment gorgeous, but it also doesn’t require any type of cord.

In order to achieve the most stunning results, homeowners will need to order these blinds custom-made. In addition to making sure the size is correct for each window, the homeowners can also choose a wood color or finish that best complements the rest of the home interior. 

Opt for Roller Shades

If a homeowner would prefer a different look, roller shades may be a better option. This style also doesn’t require any cord to adjust the shades. Instead, the design relies on a spring-tension lift that can be activated by tugging on the bottom of the window shade.

To take these window treatments to the next level, homeowners can consider upgrading to the motorized lift. With just the push of a button, they can adjust the amount of lift coming into the home. 

Install Cordless Cellular Shades

Finally, homeowners with children may want to consider installing cellular shades. Specifically, they should make sure that the shades are cordless by design. There are some cellular shades that may come with cords. The cordless style is very safe and easy to use. A person can simply use their hand to raise and lower the covering. 

These types of window treatments are also fun to customize. Since they are made from fabric, there are a lot of color and design options. A designer can help homeowners choose the right look for their budget and style. They can also upgrade these shades with a motorized lift. 

Find out More About How Custom Blinds Can Improve Child Safety

To learn more about how custom blinds can improve the safety of a home, customers should reach out to BlindQuest right away. Their knowledgeable designers can provide more information on the safest style of window treatments. 

Customers are encouraged to call for an appointment at the showroom, or they can schedule an in-home consultation. The company also offers a simple online form that customers can submit to request a free quote.


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