How to Choose the Best Blinds for Your Home Office

Whether you work from home full-time or only on occasion, a comfortable environment is critical to productivity. Although furniture is important, you can’t overlook the effect that window treatments,  especially blinds, have on the space. 

The perfect window blinds not only contribute to the overall look and feel of the room, but they also help control light and temperature and help preserve your privacy while you take Zoom calls and tackle your to-do list. To help you make sense of your options when you visit the window treatment store in Troy, IL and ensure you choose blinds for your home office that are just right, follow this checklist of things to consider.

What to Look for in Blinds for Your Home Office 

When shopping for blinds, take the following criteria into account to ensure you make the best choice for your needs.

Light Control 

One of the main reasons to install blinds on your office windows is to control the amount of natural light streaming into the space. Exposure to natural light can help you be more productive and feel more energetic throughout the day, but as the sun moves across the sky, it can make your office feel excessively bright or too dim. 

Mini blinds are an efficient way to control the amount of light in the room. These window coverings have small slats (less than an inch wide) that you can open and close as desired. Although mini blinds are affordable and functional, you may prefer a more designer look, and wooden blinds or faux wood blinds, which work like minis but have wider slats, fit the bill. 

Another option that will reduce the sun’s glare on your computer screen without blocking your view outside is a sheer or light-filtering blind. You can raise or lower these blinds as needed to control the light, but you’ll still be able to see what’s happening outside, similar to when you put on sunglasses. If you prefer to work in a dark space, blackout or room-darkening shades will block all the light from outdoors. 


If your home office looks out onto the street or you want to work without giving the neighbors a full view of your daily routine, blinds offer privacy. Simple roller shades and mini-blinds block prying eyes and light, but to balance privacy with light control, consider installing top-down or bottom-up shades. With these blinds, you can adjust the upper and lower sections independently to control what others see while also maintaining the perfect light level. 


You deserve a home office that’s both functional and attractive, and window coverings check both boxes. A stylish set of window blinds can enhance the aesthetics of any room, but it’s especially important to consider how they look as part of the overall room design when your home office is part of a shared space or in an open area. 

Wooden blinds and faux wood blinds are attractive in any environment, but for more elegance and sophistication, hang some stylish Roman shades or pleated shades. Even roller blinds are an attractive and sophisticated option when you choose a color or pattern that coordinates with the rest of the room decor. 

Maintenance and Durability 

You already have a busy schedule when you work from home — you don’t need to add more tasks like taking care of the window blinds to the list. As you compare options at the window treatment store, consider how difficult it is to take care of the material and how long it lasts when making a purchase. 

For example, mini blinds are easy to take care of and only need occasional dusting, and last for years. Faux wood blinds are a great choice for humid areas because they offer plenty of moisture resistance. If your office tends to get chilly, insulating Roman shades can help keep things cozy, but be aware that fabric blinds can fade over time from sun exposure. 

Shop BlindQuest for Window Treatments for Every Room

From home offices to bedrooms, kitchens, and more, BlindQuest in Troy, Illinois, is your one-stop shop for window covering to match your style. We can help you select the perfect wooden blinds or pleated shades for an attractive workspace that’s comfortable to work in and gives you the ideal amount of light and privacy as you go about your day. 

If you need help choosing blinds, our specialists are standing by to help. Call our family-owned window treatment store today at (618) 495-4178 to request a consultation with one of our experienced team members and start designing your custom window treatment. 

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