Maintenance for Your Custom Blinds: How to Keep Your Investment Looking Fresh

The blinds in a home play many important roles. Not only do they help control light, but they also provide privacy, reduce noise, and maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. That’s not all! They also play a huge part in the overall design and aesthetics of a home. 

Since blinds play so many vital roles, homeowners often choose to invest in custom blinds in Glen Carbon, IL. Not only do these products offer a better fit, but they can also complement a variety of interior styles. 

Custom blinds come at a much higher price, though. In order to protect this investment and get the most use out of their new window coverings, homeowners should take special care to maintain them. To learn more about how to maintain custom blinds, Glen Carbon homeowners should keep reading this helpful guide. 

Use the Appropriate Cleaning Method for the Material

Much like other household belongings and pieces of furniture, blinds can accumulate dust and grime. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that they are dusted and wiped down regularly. However, the best method for keeping these window coverings clean can vary from one product to another. The following are just a few tips on how to clean different materials:

  • Wood: A soft duster or cloth can be run across wooden blind slats to remove dust. On occasion, homeowners may want to apply a lemon oil or another product that is designed to clean natural wood. 
  • Fabric: Dust can cling to fabric blinds more easily, so it is recommended that homeowners use a vacuum on this material rather than a duster. A damp sponge may also be dipped in a soapy solution, but fabric blinds should never be dry-cleaned or fully submerged in water. 
  • Vinyl: Homeowners can vacuum or wipe down vinyl blinds. It’s also safe to wipe the blinds down with warm soapy water. 
  • Aluminum: If blinds are made from aluminum, they can also be wiped with a mild soap and water solution. A duster and a metal-safe dusting spray can used as well.
  • Sheer: Delicate sheer blinds should be handled with care, so homeowners should never use any harsh cleaners or submerge them in water. Instead, they should be vacuumed on occasion or wiped with a damp sponge and gentle cleaner. 

Deep Clean Periodically

Though dusting is best done regularly, homeowners only need to deep clean their custom blinds on occasion. Again, it depends on the type and material of blinds, but in general, homeowners should expect to do a deep clean once or twice a year. If any materials are washed, they should be fully dried before they are hung back up. Otherwise, they could end up with mold growth!

Spot Clean Only When Necessary 

On occasion, homeowners may find that sticky little fingers or pets have left behind spots or spills on their beautiful custom blinds. Glen Carbon blind installers recommend that these accidents be spot-cleaned right away. 

It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals or rough scrubbing, but homeowners may find themselves needing to treat the affected area with warm water and a gentle cleaner. A sponge or soft cloth is best to help pull the stain from any fabric.

Rotate Blinds Regularly 

In addition to cleaning, homeowners should also rotate their blinds every once in a while. Though this might seem like a tedious task, it can make a huge difference in the lifespan of custom blinds. Glen Carbon homeowners will notice that it distributes wear from the sun exposure more evenly so that the blinds won’t fade unevenly or warp. 

Check Cords & Mechanisms

Finally, it’s recommended that customers routinely check both the cords and mechanisms of their custom blinds. Over time, these parts can start to become damaged or malfunction. Repeated use will only make the problem worse. If homeowners are able to spot an issue right away, they could fix it before the whole blind becomes unusable. 

Homeowners should also maintain any moving parts on their custom blinds by lubricating them. This can prevent any sticking or malfunctions, but the lubricant should be applied carefully to prevent staining the blinds. Motorized or cordless blinds may require more maintenance steps, such as battery replacements, but a user manual should provide insight into those steps.

Find out More About How to Care for Custom Blinds in Glen Carbon

Want to know more about how to care for custom blinds? Glen Carbon locals should contact BlindQuest right away. They specialize in custom window treatment installations, so they can provide plenty of information. Customers interested in designing their own custom blinds should also call to request a design consultation or to schedule a time to see their beautiful showroom. 

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