Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy This Winter with Custom Window Solutions

The temperature outside is falling at a steady pace. Before we know it, it will be winter and the holidays will be upon us! It can be difficult to enjoy the season, however, when cold weather makes its way inside the home. In order to stay warm and cozy this winter, you may want to consider installing insulated window treatments.

Custom blinds or shades are the perfect early Christmas gift for yourself. There are so many beautiful color and style options to choose from, and they have many benefits that will keep you smiling all winter long. 

The Impact of Windows and Energy Loss During the Winter

You may not realize it, but approximately 30% of your home’s heating energy is lost through windows alone, according to the Department of Energy. That means that heating costs can be way higher than they need to be during the winter months. 

In the summer, windows increase a home’s heating energy. As a result, most people block windows that receive the most sun so that they can reduce their air conditioner’s workload. When there is less sun in the winter months, it’s hard to benefit from the natural heat source, but the windows that do receive sunlight should be left uncovered during the day to absorb as much heat as possible. However, once the sun goes down, you can easily lose your home’s heat through windows. 

How Custom Window Treatments Can Help

When you install insulated window treatments, they can drastically reduce the amount of heat that is lost through windows. Not only will this help to keep your home cozy and warm, but it will also reduce the need to run your heat. As a result, they are more efficient and you can spend less on your energy bill. These savings are sure to be appreciated once Christmas shopping commences!

Custom window treatments, in particular, are great for reducing heat loss because they have a better fit. With pre-fabricated window treatments, there may be more gaps that allow the heat to escape from the house. Investing in custom-fit blinds or shades is the only way to make sure the windows are as efficient as possible.

Types of Window Treatments to Improve Energy Efficiency

The following are just a few of the Hunter Douglas products that we recommend if you’re looking to improve your home’s efficiency this winter.

Insulated Cellular Shades

If you’re looking to install the most insulated shades on the market, we suggest insulated cellular shades. This style of window treatment can trap air within each cell, the shade, and the window. According to the Department of Energy, this style can reduce window heat loss by up to 40%, which comes out to about 10% in energy savings. Best of all, they come in several colors and styles to match any aesthetic.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb custom window treatments are a type of cellular shade. They are known for their unique honeycomb structure that creates pockets for extra insulation. Hunter Douglas even offers a style of window treatment that has a honeycomb within a honeycomb. This design gives optimal energy efficiency by creating more air pockets and layers of fabric. 

Cellular Roller Shades

We love these window shades because they allow you to combine the best of both worlds–cellular shades and cellular roller shades. This product is the perfect way to combine insulating construction with the clean lines and simple elegance of a traditional roller shade.  

Roman Shades

While it might not offer the same level of efficiency as some of the cellular styles, you can also choose an insulated window treatment in a traditional Roman shade style. These products are made with heavier materials that can help reduce the loss of heat.

Find out More About How BlindQuest Can Help Improve Your Home’s Efficiency with Custom Window Treatments 

Don’t settle for anything less than a warm and cozy home this winter! Contact BlindQuest right away to start designing custom window treatments for your home. 

Our talented designers are happy to come to your home to help you choose the right style, color, and size, so you should call to set up your consultation right away. We also offer showroom appointments to give you more inspiration, so feel free to submit our online request form. 

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