Adapting Your Blinds and Drapes for the Fall Season

Autumn brings cool temperatures and warm feelings to most Troy households. Apple cider, hayrides, and fall holidays make fall a special season. Homeowners celebrate the season by changing their home decor. BlindQuest encourages and celebrates these shifts with its customers by listing some creative window treatments for fall

Soften Your Living Space

Creative but busy homemakers can’t go wrong with the following simple fall decorations. They will enliven a room without clashing with any typical decorative features. 

Light Strings

As the days become shorter and shorter, the natural light filtering into the home wanes. Adding light strings to each window creates a cozy fall atmosphere with soft, prolonged light. Homeowners can choose between traditional styles or themed ones featuring bulbs shaped like pumpkins or leaves. 

Decorative Garlands

Hanging garlands along a window frame offers endless creative opportunities. A homeowner can purchase garlands to use time and time again. Alternatively, they can engage the whole family in crafting sessions to create homemade garlands with various berries, leaves, slices of citrus fruits, and other materials. 

The garlands will perfectly grace plain curtains or window frames with elegant adornments, making for the perfect fall window idea. 

Explore Autumnal Decor

Many homeowners in Troy, IL, and surrounding areas want to hit that sweet spot between decorations that require minimal effort and a display that offers a feast for the eyes. The following suggestions satisfy this desire. Combine them with other listed ideas or use them alone. 

Ornamental Pieces

Pumpkins, pinecones, and mums — oh, my! Few things conjure images of shorter days, crisp air, and hot beverages like these classic visuals do. Many people craft these items into imaginative centerpieces for dining tables, but homeowners can also use them to embellish their windows. 

Wreaths featuring small pinecones, richly colored mums, and tiny squash can hang from the top window frame. The household’s resident decorator could also design a unique piece to adorn a corner on the bottom window frame. Small pumpkins, colorful leaves, and fake candles will draw attention and whet cravings for hot apple cider. 

Fall Flowers

A well-placed flower arrangement brings a touch of class to any living space. Placing one on the window sill offers a simple yet appealing solution for homeowners seeking easy window treatments for fall. Use mums, goldenrods, coneflowers, and similar plants to craft the perfect autumn arrangements for each window. 

Dress the Windows up With Window Treatments for Fall

Finally, the most significant way to welcome the fall season involves changing the treatments you use. The suggestions below guide homeowners who prefer the subtlety of window treatments that blend into their interior decor while changing the indoor atmosphere. 

Change Your Treatments

Flowing, sheer curtains and clean, white blinds offer a graceful aesthetic for warm weather. Once temperatures cool, homeowners should explore warmer tones. When changing the window treatments to fit the season, a homeowner can dress their windows up with:

  • Rustic wooden blinds: Treated wood blinds look subtle, yet they imbue a room with a soft, natural aesthetic. 
  • Roman shades featuring fall color: Homeowners can easily operate Roman shades. Since this window treatment comes in endless colors, homeowners can choose rich shades to warm the room up. 
  • Heavy, embellished curtains: Cool temperatures can seep into a home via the tiniest cracks and openings. Thick curtains with decorative autumnal patterns will beautify any space and prevent cold air from infiltrating the room. A plaid or paisley window covering will highlight the changing seasons perfectly.  

Coordinate Autumnal Colors

When people think of fall, they often visualize vivid hues like orange, red, and yellow. But autumnal colors are far more diverse. Coordinating window treatments with the following shades offers more decorative options for homeowners:

  • Plum
  • Deep green
  • Rust
  • Deep blue
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Brown

Homeowners can match these colors to various rooms, changing the ambiance with some new, expressive window treatments. 

Adapt Your Hardware

Sometimes, small changes offer dramatic impacts. Window treatment hardware is often an afterthought. However, it functions beyond simple tools to secure a chosen treatment for the window. It can also serve as a decorative accent. 

Homeowners who typically opt for silver might consider gold or bronze. Alternatively, black or brass with worn edges will add a rustic touch to any room. Switch the curtain hooks, rings, and poles to achieve the full but subtle effect. 

Get Festive With a Little Help From BlindQuest!

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