How Window Treatments Prevent Burglaries in Your Home

Homeowners who have experienced a break in or home invasion know how jarring it can be. Knowing that an outsider has violated “safe space” and taken things of value can be a very distressing experience.

According to FBI statistics, on average, a burglary happens once every 30 seconds, with victims of burglary offenses suffering an estimated $3.0 billion in property losses in 2019.

The average loss suffered as a result of a home burglary is almost $3,000.

Burglaries can also take an emotional toll, especially if burglars have taken things with sentimental value. Also, it may take you a long time to regain the feeling of safety you had before the break-in.

Preventing burglaries in your home, therefore, can save you from both financial and emotional damage.

Reasons why thieves might target your home

There are many reasons why a burglar might target your property. The most common are:

  • Easy access. Burglars look for homes that are easy to break into, such as those with unlocked doors or windows. They may also target homes that lack security systems, surveillance cameras or other security measures.
  • Hidden from view. Properties with tall hedges or fences can provide cover for burglars. Likewise, if the area is poorly-lit, burglars can pass through unnoticed.
  • Access to valuables. Burglars often seek valuable items, such as jewelry, electronics and cash. They will target homes that they believe have expensive items inside.
  • Absence of occupants. Burglars want to avoid confrontation and reduce their chances of being caught. So, they will target homes that they believe are empty. They may look for signs such as no lights on at night, an empty driveway or mail piling up.

As such, windows can play such a vital role in preventing burglaries. Potential burglars could be assessing the safety of your windows as a possible entry point and looking through them to ascertain if you’re absent or have valuables in your home.

How window treatments prevent burglaries in your home

According to, 23% of all burglaries in the United States happen due to a burglar entering through a first-floor window.

However, with certain window treatments, you can reduce the chances of being the victim of a burglary.

Here are a few ways to keep your home safe with blinds and shades.

1) Keep window treatments down when the room isn’t occupied

As thieves don’t want to be seen, a burglar is highly unlikely to attempt to enter a property if they know that someone is home.

If you have your window treatments fully drawn up, this can give a thief exactly the information they need to decide whether or not to intrude. Creating doubt, therefore, can make a huge difference and help avoid disaster.

If a room is not in use, keep your blinds or shades down. This ensures zero visibility from the outside and makes you less likely to fall victim to opportunist thieves.

2) Make use of home automation technology

Burglars are always gathering information. In fact, some burglars will scout out a property to try and work out an owner’s weekly schedule before attempting a break-in.

However, you can throw a burglar off the scent thanks to new technology.

Nowadays, new technological innovations mean that window treatments can be made to sync with your home automation system – or even an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. 

If you have a compatible model, you can create schedules so that your blinds or shades move at certain times of the day or specific days of the week – even if you’re not at home. 

For a burglar that’s gathering information, seeing that your blinds have moved could make them think again about burglarizing your home.

3) Choose a design that maximizes privacy

It can be difficult to strike a balance between form and function, but the window treatment industry offers countless options for design. Whether you’re looking for a specific fabric that offers different levels of visibility or a specific lifting system, various window treatment options are sure to satisfy most people’s needs.

Some of the most popular products currently on the market offer a bottom-up/top-down feature. This can be particularly useful in protecting your home from burglars if you frequently forget to close your blinds or shades when leaving home.

The bottom-up/top-down feature allows natural light to enter from the top, while keeping your home safe from peeping eyes from outside.

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