Wood Blinds Window Treatment in Raymond, IL

Natural light is often a huge selling point when people are shopping around for a new home. While some might think you can’t have too much natural light, it can become a nuisance in some cases. Not only can natural light create a glare on screens, but it can also be blinding when the direct light is shining right into someone’s eyes.

Fortunately, there are many remedies so that homeowners can have the best of both worlds. Custom blinds are some of the best solutions to enjoy the natural light when it’s wanted and to block it out when it’s not. 

However, homeowners often don’t know where to turn to when they need custom blinds. Picking up a prefabricated set from the local home improvement store might seem like a cheap and easy option, but they usually don’t fit or match the home.

Residents of Raymond, IL don’t have to settle, though. BlindQuest has plenty of experience in this area, and their team of contractors has helped countless homeowners choose beautiful blinds for their homes. This particular case study demonstrates how BlindQuest can transform a space with a beautiful wood blinds window treatment.

The Raymond, IL Homeowner’s Problem

When BlindQuest was contacted, they learned more about the details of the project and the homeowner’s needs. The Raymond home was undergoing a remodel and reconstruction. The specific room that the homeowner wanted to focus on was the sunroom. Given the name, it should come as no surprise that the room was taking in a ton of sunshine.

While the homeowners loved that the space had many gorgeous windows, they also wanted to be able to have more control over the amount of natural light. This was especially important because the room was dealing with a lot of direct sunlight.

Not to mention, the direct sunlight made it difficult to regulate the temperature in the room. In the summer months, the windows would make the sunroom warmer, so the AC would have to work harder to cool the house. In the winter months, the windows made it more challenging to keep the room warm and comfortable.

The Raymond homeowners didn’t want just any blinds to fix their problems, however. Since they were investing their time and money into the remodel, they wanted to make sure that the blinds would complement the new changes. 

The Solution Presented by BlindQuest

BlindQuest was happy to help with the problem, and their team of professionals quickly set out to find a solution. All of BlindQuests custom blind installations start the same way, and this project was no exception.

The contractors arrived at the house for a design consultation. This point in the process is crucial because it allows BlindQuest to truly understand the homeowner’s wants and needs.

The designers and homeowners sit down to discuss all of the different design options, from the color to the material. They also take the time to measure each of the windows so that the new blinds are made to fit perfectly. 

Ultimately, the homeowners decided on beautiful wood blinds. The design was selected to complement the wood trim around the windows.

BlindQuest’s Installation Process

Once the design was finalized for the wood blinds window treatment, BlindQuest sent the details off to the manufacturers. As soon as the new blinds were ready to be installed, BlindQuest deployed its very own team of licensed, bonded, and certified installers to the Raymond house. The company never uses any outside contractors to install their wood blinds.

Their team of professionals was able to install the blinds quickly and efficiently without ever compromising the quality of the results. In fact, BlindQuest always stands behind its installations with a workmanship guarantee for added peace of mind.

After the professionals installed the wood blinds window treatment, they took the time to go over everything with the Raymond homeowners. They made sure that the homeowners knew how to use and care for the blinds properly so that they wouldn’t have to worry about damaging their new investment.

Contact BlindQuest to Find out More About Their Custom Window Treatments in Raymond, IL

After BlindQuest had completed its installation process, the Raymond homeowners were happy with the results. They were also pleased with the personalized service and the way their new blinds complemented the rest of the space.

To learn more about how BlindQuest can help you install wood blinds window treatments, we encourage you to call. You can schedule an in-person consultation or ask questions about their products and services. Homeowners can also submit the online quote form to request more information on the price of their project.

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