Wood Shutter Treatment in Bartelso, IL

For most people, owning a home with lots of windows is the dream. They let homeowners enjoy the beautiful view around their homes, and they let in highly coveted natural light. However, windows can also create some challenges.

Some homeowners find that the windows let in too much direct sunlight. They can be especially annoying at sunset when the light shines right into a person’s eyes. The sunlight can also cast a glare on the tv when everyone’s trying to enjoy the big game. Not to mention, they make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature when it’s hot or cold. 

For all of those reasons and more, homeowners often choose to invest in blinds. These fixtures allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds. When they want to enjoy the sunshine, they can open the blinds, but when it’s cold in the winter, they can close the blinds to keep the room warm and cozy.

Installation of Custom Wood Shutter Treatment

That’s exactly why a Bartelso homeowner contacted BlindQuest. They had a large window in their home office that they wanted to cover with a wood shutter treatment. However, it can be nearly impossible to find prefabricated wood shutter blinds that are both beautiful and well-fitting. In many cases, they come in limited sizes, and most home improvement stores only carry a couple of neutral colors.

When the customers inquired about BlindQuest’s wood shutter installation services, they set up an in-home consultation to assess their needs. BlindQuest then arrived at the home with a number of design options, and they took careful measurements of the window. They took the time to truly understand the homeowner’s needs and style preferences. 

Eventually, the customers ended up choosing some beautiful wood shutters. The customer opted for the elegant shutter style so that they could open and close each individual section. They also made sure that the wood shutter treatment was color-matched perfectly to the existing trim in the office space. 

After the design was finalized, BlindQuest sent the details to the manufacturer. As soon as the wood shutters were sent to BlindQuest, they scheduled the installation day. They were able to quickly and efficiently install the custom-fit wood shutter treatment without compromising the quality. The end results were absolutely perfect, and the customers were very happy with the beautiful new shutters.

Benefits of Choosing a Wood Shutter

While there are many different styles of window coverings, wood shutter treatments stand to deliver many benefits to homeowners. In this specific case, the custom wood shutters provided the office space with:

  • Improved Insulation: Wood shutters can not only offer thermal insulation, but they can also offer sound insulation. This can make the space more comfortable, reduce energy bills, and help cut back on disruptive noises. 
  • Increased Privacy: Since the room’s primary function is an office space, keeping focus is important. The shutters can also allow for more privacy and reduce visual distractions.
  • Better UV Protection: While sunlight is beautiful, it can also be damaging to wood and other UV-sensitive materials. Using shutter blinds gives homeowners more protection from how much light enters the room.
  • Low Maintenance Use: When compared to blinds and curtains, wood shutters are much easier to clean and maintain. They collect minimal dust, and they can be wiped down with just a damp cloth.

Choosing Between Shutters and Blinds

For some people, the lower cost of blinds makes them more attractive, but they don’t realize how much longer a wooden shutter treatment can last. On average, blinds can last 4-5 years, but when a homeowner upgrades to shutters, they can enjoy them for over 25 years. Therefore, the return on investment is much greater. Not to mention, the increased value the shutters will add to a home. 

Still, it can be difficult to choose between the two options. Therefore, it’s recommended that homeowners consult a team of professionals. BlindQuest can help other Bartelso homeowners recognize the benefits of a wood shutter treatment.

Contact BlindQuest to Learn More About Wood Shutter Treatments in Bartelso, IL

If you are interested in learning more about the difference between blinds and shutters, we recommend that you pick up the phone and call BlindQuest right away. You can schedule an in-home design consultation or make an appointment to view the showroom for inspiration.

That’s not all! Customers can also submit their project details through the online form. From there, the contractors will be in touch to provide a free quote for their shutter installation services. What’s stopping you from reaching out today? 

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