custom blinds glen carbon

Custom Blinds for Commercial Spaces in Glen Carbon, IL: When Should You Bring in Professionals?

A lot goes into designing a commercial space. Every element needs to convey a certain statement about the business and its brand. From the flooring …

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Custom Blinds

How Custom Blinds Can Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

The blinds in a house can play many important roles. Not only do they provide privacy, but they also reduce noise and distractions from the …

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custom blinds in edwardsville il

The Top Materials for Custom Blinds in Edwardsville, IL: Which One is Right for You?

Window treatments play many roles in a home. Specifically, blinds can not only block out sunlight and make the environment more comfortable, but they can …

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Custom Blinds

Child Safety and Custom Blinds: Tips and Strategies for a Kid-Friendly Home

When a person becomes a parent, they immediately have more worries than before. There are so many things that can be potentially harmful to babies …

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Benefits of Custom Blinds

The Top 5 Benefits of Custom Blinds

Shopping for blinds is no easy feat. Since windows come in so many shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to find blinds that fit …

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Window Treatments Prevent Burglaries

How Window Treatments Prevent Burglaries in Your Home

Homeowners who have experienced a break in or home invasion know how jarring it can be. Knowing that an outsider has violated “safe space” and …

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Edwardsville Blinds and Shades

Shades vs. Blinds: Which to Buy for Your Edwardsville Home

Choosing the right window coverings affects you and your home more than you think. From insulation to the amount of light filtering in, your choice …

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Window Treatment Trends In 2023

Window Treatment Trends in 2023 & Ideas for Your Illinois Home

If you’re searching for a way to update your home that benefits you, the environment, and your utility bill, look at your windows. Window treatment …

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Energy Efficient Blinds and Shades

Living in Troy, Illinois, means dealing with hot, humid summers and freezing, snowy winters. Fortunately, you can combat these temperature fluctuations by installing energy-efficient blinds …

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Smart Home Blinds

Smart Home Blinds, Shades for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Do you remember the one time—or the millions of times— when the sun was glaring or shining in your eyes, but you were too tired …

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