How Hunter Douglas Blinds Enhance Ambiance Through Light Management

The ambiance of a room can dramatically change the way a person feels when they enter it. If it is light and airy, it can make people feel happy and relaxed. Dark and moody tones can create a more romantic atmosphere. Since the ambiance plays such an important role, it’s important that homeowners take special care to create the perfect ambiance for each type of room in their home.

Ambiance can be created through furnishings, color, art, and more. However, light plays one of the biggest roles in establishing ambiance. Therefore, it’s crucial that homeowners choose the right blinds for a space. The following are just a few of the ways in which Hunter Douglas blinds can impact a room’s ambiance through light management.

Add Warmth

First and foremost, filtered sunlight can turn a once harsh room into a warm space. Therefore, homeowners should choose a set of blinds that has a combination of sheer and soft fabrics. 

Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette Window Shadings have just that. The soft fabric vanes are carefully draped and suspended between sheer panels on the front and back. This design allows homeowners to adjust the degree of light to fit their preferences. These layers allow just enough warmth to shine through and bring out yellow and red tones in the home.

Play with Light and Refraction

Light doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Homeowners who want to create a playful ambiance in their homes should consider how they can use striking textiles to entrance visitors with light play. For example, some luxury tactile fabrics can refract light through their threads to create a light performance. 

At Hunter Douglas, the Vignette Modern Roman Shades are best known for elevating a classic Roman shade design with more advanced colors and textures. The result is modern light that enhances beautiful décor.  

Soften the Mood

In some cases, homeowners simply want to dim the amount of natural light coming into a room so that there is more of a soft, calming glow. Softened spaces have been known the lift moods and help visitors feel more at ease. 

The perfect way to create this feel with blinds is by installing the Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades from Hunter Douglas. The shades have two layers of fabric with ever-so-subtle curves that create a peaceful aura of light. The fabrics come in several gorgeous natural and earth-tone hues, so homeowners can choose a traditional or modern look.

Create an Artistic Feel

There’s a little bit of art in everything, so homeowners who want to curate their space shouldn’t overlook the importance of choosing the right window covering. Hunter Douglas blinds are stunningly designed, so they can effortlessly elevate any room. 

In fact, the Pirouette Window Shadings are the perfect way to conjure up an artistic mood. Thanks to the soft fabric fanes and sheer backing, the shades are both hypnotizing and captivating. Some might say that the blooming shades make them feel as if they are walking through a gallery holding precious paintings and sculptures.

Enhance the Size of the Room

It’s common knowledge that lighting can impact the size of a room. While we know that it can’t actually change the dimensions, it can certainly impact the way a person feels in that space. More light makes a room feel bigger while increasing shadows can make it feel much smaller.

If you are trying to create an intimate feel in the home, shades should have a more dimming effect. To illuminate a space and make it feel taller, homeowners should consider the floor-to-ceiling Luminette Privacy Sheers. The dramatic height changes a person’s perception of space and will make an ordinary living room feel more like a grand hall.

Block Out All Light for Perfect Darkness

Finally, Hunter Douglas recognizes that sometimes there is a need for complete darkness. Bedrooms and theater rooms can benefit a lot from the Duette LightLock system. This specially-designed window covering can provide ultimate light blocking for a cool dark space.

However, homeowners can just as easily adjust the blinds to allow for light when it’s needed. The Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades are also great for filtering light and creating a more comfortable indoor temperature.

Learn How to Improve a Home’s Ambiance with Custom-Designed Hunter Douglas Blinds 

Homeowners don’t have to be expert interior designers to create the perfect ambiance in their homes. They can work with the trained professionals of BlindQuest to create custom Hunter Douglas blinds. 

Customers can call to schedule an in-home consultation with their designers, or they can make an appointment to see the showroom for more inspiration. BlindQuest also has a simple online contact form that homeowners can fill out to book an appointment.


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