Meet Our Team

We are proud to introduce our team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service for our clients. We offer a wide range of services and products, and each member of our team is committed to providing the highest quality of services. We believe that every client deserves quality service, and we work hard to ensure that each client receives the individual attention they need. Our team includes:

BlindQuest team photo
Carly BlindQuest

Carly, Owner

Carly is known for being passionate, personable, and professional. As the owner of BlindQuest, she takes pride in offering high-quality products and services to her clients. Carly has been in the industry for many years and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Terri, Sales Consultant

Terri has 15 years of sales experience and is known for being a great listener. She takes the time to understand her clients’ needs in order to provide them with the best possible solution. Terri is also very friendly and personable, which makes the sales process enjoyable for everyone involved.

Orzo, Certified Installer

Orzo is a certified installer with 3 years of experience. He is known for his attention to detail and his dedication to customer satisfaction. Orzo takes pride in his work and always goes the extra mile to make sure his clients are happy with the final product.

When you work with BlindQuest, you don’t just get a product, you get the entire team’s knowledge, skill, and dedication to customer service. We are here to help you find the perfect shade that can match both your style and budget. 

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